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What is the difference between Microblading and Powder/Ombre brows?

Microblading is done manually with a blade inserted handtool to create hair-like strokes for a very natural look. Shading is done with a machine and can be as natural or as bold as you’d like. Shading offers more of a dense, powder make-up look. Ready to book? You can schedual your microblading or powder brow appointment here.

Does microblading require touch-ups?

Microblading does require touch-ups.

Will microblading hurt?

In order to make the experience as pleasant as possible, a numbing cream is applied prior to starting the procedure. A secondary numbing gel will then be applied throughout the duration of the service. Every client’s experience is different, but at no point should it be unbearable.

How long is the healing process?

The healing time varies per client, the scabbing process should end around day 10 and sometimes up to date 14. Through this time it is important to avoid excessive sweating or wetting your brows. Sweating will cause a pigment color change as well as cause natural pigment removal. Once the flakes/scabs fall off naturally, you can apply make up, however, remember the skin is still healing under the surface. The healing process is complete 30 days after the service. You can read move about the healing process and after-care on our blog.

What is brow lamination and how does it work?

The process typically involves brushing the brow hairs upward and applying a solution, followed by a wrapping technique to hold the hairs in place. After it sets, the solution is neutralized, and the brows are brushed and trimmed to the desired shape. The result is a neat, groomed look that lasts for several weeks, as the hairs stay in place due to the reshaped bonds. This treatment is ideal for those with unruly brows or sparse areas, as it can help create a fuller, more defined look without the need for makeup or additional styling. Ready to book? You can schedual your brow lamination appointment here.

is brow lamination safe?

Brow lamination is generally considered safe when performed by a trained and experienced professional.

How long does brow lamination last?

The duration of a brow lamination varies, but on average it typically lasts 4-6 weeks. The length of time that the treatment lasts will depend on several factors, including the individual's hair type, skin type, and lifestyle habits.

It's important to follow the aftercare instructions provided by your technician, which may include avoiding water, sweat, and certain skincare products, to help extend the longevity of the treatment. Regular touch-up treatments may be necessary to maintain the desired look. You can read more about the proper aftercare for brow laminations on our blog.

can I swim or workout after getting my eyebrows done?

We recommend avoiding water, sweat, and intense physical activity for 24-48 hours after getting your brows done, whether it's microblading, powder brows, or brow lamination. This is to give the pigment time to settle into the skin and to prevent the pigment from fading. After the initial 24-48 hour period, you can gradually return to your normal activities, but it's still important to be cautious and avoid excessive sweating or rubbing of the brows, as this can negatively affect the longevity of the treatment.

Can I wear makeup after getting my brows done?

After the initial 24-48 hour period, you can return to wearing makeup, but it's important to be cautious and to avoid rubbing or smudging the brows. It's also important to choose gentle, non-irritating makeup products, as harsh or alcohol-based products can affect the longevity of the treatment.


Can I reschedule my appointment?

Halo Brow Bar allows a one-time reschedule appointment 48hrs prior to the appointment. Failure to reschedule and cancel 48hrs before will result in a forfeit in deposit and complimentary touch-up.

is my deposit refundable?

All Deposits are due at the time of booking and are non-refundable and non-transferable. A cancellation or rescheduling of your appointment outside the 48hr window will result in forfeiture of your deposit.

When should I book my touch-ups?

Permanent makeup is a two-step process that requires an initial session and a touch-up for desired results. Touch-ups can be booked anytime after 6 weeks of the original appointment to allow the skin to fully heal, however, touch-ups should be booked no later than 10 weeks out. Results vary based on the clients pigment retention and lifestyle.

*Touch-up appointments should be scheduled and completed within 3 months of the first session to avoid additional scheduling charges. Please book your touch-up here.

COVID policies

Clients are not required to wear a mask in the studio, but may do so if they wish. If you choose to wear a mask, we ask that you provide your own. Guests and children of clients are not permitted in the studio. For your safety and the safety of our staff the technician will be wearing a mask during your appointment.

Where Do I park?

Please park in one of the two marked spots in our parking lot labeled “Maven”. If those are taken please use the ample street parking. Halo Brow Bar is not responsible for any parking violations or tow fees.